lun 19 feb 2007

Colour-Ize internacional - English Report

19 02 2007


Después de que Ben nos ofreciera su versión del encuentro en Australia, Don tampoco ahorró esfuerzos y nos mandó la suya. ;o)

Que lo paséis bien leyendo :o)



My cousin in Göttingen first introduced me to Deine Lakaien about two and a half years ago. They very quickly became my favourite band, and whenever I was listening to music I could listen to almost nothing but them!
The last two and a half years has been a very exciting time, finding 'new' things DL had done.
But it has also been a bit frustrating as I didn't know anyone I could share my passion with..
This led me to the Forum where I soon made friends (Hi Diana!! Hi Lokje!!) and saw the notice that Baenn put up saying he was coming to Australia!
I wrote straight away and offered any help he might need...
When he finally arrived in Melbourne he sent a text wanting to meet up and as I was going out with some friends to a club, I thought it would be a good opportunity.
I remember picking him up from the Backpackers hostel... thinking, "I don't really know this guy! I know he likes Deine Lakien, but other than that...???"
But we hit it off straight away! I introduced him to my friends and we ended up hanging out quite a bit. This too is a bit odd, as Baenn is only two years older that my oldest son!
 I remember at one point Baenn was looking through my Ipod and he said, "Wow! You really have some great music here!!" No one has ever told me that before! We found we both liked similar music (when one is not listening to Deine Lakaien!) so it has been a great experience to get to know him.

He is in New Zealand at the moment but is coming back to Australia soon, and I plan to see him when he is in Perth (my sons live there, and I think he will get on well with them!)
I have just got back from Germany (I work as a Flight Attendant, and fly reasonably often to Germany..) where I was lucky enough to see Deine Lakaien in concert!
Being in a room (Die Alte Oper, Frankfurt) with so many DL fans was exciting enough, but to experience the magic of Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov live... it took my breath away!
After the concert I met up with some other people from the forum... (they probably think I am a bit strange, but really, I was so overwhelmed by the whole experience, I found it hard to string a sentence together!) so now can put a few faces to names!
I am even more of a Deine Lakien fan now than before, having seen them in concert, but also I feel now I have friends I can share my passion with!



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